Biological Patterns Of Value

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'''Biological Patterns of Value''' encompass everything objective which has DNA.
Biological Patterns or Biological Quality runs by the [[Law of the jungle]]. The two codes of morals it deals with exclusively are [[biological-inorganic]] and [[social-biological]]

!!When they are good
Biological Patterns are good when they allow for life.

!!When they are evil
They are evil in regards to [[vice]]. That is, when someone pursues biological quality in spite of higher social and intellectual patterns.

In regards to cultural movements, biological patterns are evil when they are confused with either BlinkListblogmarksdel.icio.usdiggFarkfeedmelinksFurlLinkaGoGoNewsVineNetvouzRedditYahooMyWebFacebook, as is the case with some ancient cultures, or when they are confused with intellectual, individualistic patterns such as the Hippy movement of the 70s.

!!Things which are Moral on this Level
Life, sex etc.

!!Things which are Bad on this Level
Death, celibacy etc

!!Pirsig quotes

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