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"MOQ.ORG" The place to start. Hosts the popular and long-running MoQ-Discuss e-mail exploder discussion group, as well as summaries, essays, reviews and links to all things MoQ on the web. Run and moderated with a light touch by "Horse" where just about anything relevant and legal goes and which ensures MOQ.ORG is the general clearing house for MoQ related ideas.

"MOQ pages on Wikipedia". 'Nuff said.

"ROBERTPIRSIG.ORG". A site dedicated to the works of Robert Pirsig, who propounded the Metaphysics of Quality (MOQ), principally "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (ZMM for short) and "Lila". Also hosts and includes additional links to (mainly) academic works relating to Pirsig and the MoQ.

A number of "bloggers" with MoQ interests in life and philosophy …

Some special interest sites …

  • ZMM Quality. Henry Gurr's site dedicated to ZMM and its motorcycle journey
  • ZMM Route Map. Gary Wegner's detailed map of the ZMM journey.
  • Pirsig Timeline. Psybertron's biographical timeline of Pirsig's life.

MoQ is not without dissenters …

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