Intellectual Patterns Of Value

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'''Intellectual Patterns of Value''' are the result of the manipulation of symbols which stand for things, independently of the things they represent. Within the [[static quality]] MOQ heirachy they maintain the highest importance and are the most moral things of all, second only to [[Dynamic Quality]]. Due to it being on the forefront of creativity, Intellectual Quality follows the [[Code of Art]] itself. The two codes of morals which it deals with exclusively are [[intellectual-social]] and the [[Code of Art]]. Examples of things which are intellectual might be, Mathematics, Philosophy and Science.

!!When they are good
Intellectual Patterns are good when they help to improve and preserve society.

!!When they are evil
Intellectual Patterns are only evil when they do not change according to new facts which contradict them. That is Intellectual Patterns are only evil when they do not succumb to [[Dynamic Quality]].

!!Things which are moral on this level
Beyond preserving society, Intelletualization has become a means in itself. Below are some things which could be called intellectual.

  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Science
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