Static Quality

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'''Static quality''' is known as one or more static patterns of value. Within the metaphysical framework the all inclusive static patterns of value are broken into four levels.

Intellectual Patterns of Value

''"Skilled manipulation of abstract symbols that have no corresponding particular experience and which behave according to rules of their own."'' Robert M. Pirsig letter to Paul Turner on the definition of the Intellectual Level

Social Patterns of Value

''"Social patterns.. include such institutions as family,
church and government. They are the patterns of culture that the
anthropologist and sociologist study."''
Robert M. Pirsig in SODV

Biological Patterns of Value

Every object with DNA.

Inorganic Patterns of Value

Every object without DNA.

With these divisions, nothing is left out, that is no thing. Only [[Dynamic Quality]] which is not a thing at all.

!!Quotes by Pirsig
\''"Static quality is old and complex, it always contains a compontent of memory. Good is a conformity to an established pattern of fixed values and value objects. Justice and law are identical. Static morality is full of heroes and villians, loves and hatreds, carrots and sticks. Its values don't change by themselves."'' [Lila page 113]

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